An error has been found in the calculations used in the article, 'Home sweet home part 2'. Well, technically, the calculations were fine, but incorrect values were saved to the database under certain conditions, resulting in minor errors for certain teams' ratings. These values also provided the starting rating for the article, '2017 League Preview', and so some errors were created in the calculations here too.

This issues has now been fixed.

The ratings section has been updated with the corrected values, and the affected articles will be edited accordingly in the coming days.

While it was tempting to brush this under the rug, it was felt that transparency is important, and that any errors discovered should be corrected, and the reader should be informed.

Questioning what you read, and their sources, is important, so if you notice any errors, or have any questions, feel free to email us at mail@takeyourdatapoints.com or tweet us @TYDatapoints.