League Predictions - Semi finals (31st March-1st April 2018)

The following is a list of predictions by the BAINISTEOIR rating system, giving the odds of each team winning, losing or drawing their match. For the division 1 teams, the odds for each potential margin of victory are also given, and their overall prediction for the league is given.

Below this, the results of the previous rounds' matches are given, as well the minute by minute odds BAINISTEOIR provided for division 1 matches while they were in progress.

Semi final predictions

Semi finals

Overall league performance predictions

Quarter final and relegation results

The charts below display how the BAINISTEOIR rating system reevaluated the odds of each division 1 match as it progressed. The x-axis displays the minutes elapsed in the match, and the y-axis displays the calculated odds of each team winning, losing or drawing from that point in time.

Below these charts, the remaining final results for the previous round of the league are given.

Quarter finals

Division 1 relegation games

Division finals

Division 2A

  • Westmeath 2-12 2-19 Carlow

Division 2B

  • Mayo 1-15 - 0-14 Down

Division 3A

  • Warwickshire 0-20 - 1-14 Louth

Division 3B

  • Lancashire 1-25 - 1-18 Leitrim


Other relegation games

Division 2B

  • Derry 2-22 0-9 Armagh